Quick Information

October 21, 2017 at 5:00pm. Doors open at 4:30pm.
The ceremony will take place at Alpharetta Presbyterian Church and begin promptly at 5:00 PM. Doors open at 4:30pm. Dinner reception following at Roswell Founder's Hall.
We have an official block at the Residence Inn at Windward. For more information, click here.
We will be providing coach transportation between the hotel, the ceremony, and the reception venues on the day of the wedding. Full schedule available here. Parking is also be available.
Formal attire suggested. More detailed information can be found in the FAQ.
And a friendly reminder to bring your ID to the reception if you plan to drink. They will be carding everyone!

The Wedding


Alpharetta Presbyterian Church

180 Academy St., Alpharetta, Georgia

Doors open at 4:30pm. Ceremony begins at 5:00 PM


Roswell Founder's Hall

1076 Canton St, Roswell, Georgia

Immediately Follows

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a question below to see the answer.

General Questions:
» Do I need to RSVP? Why?
Yes! We need your RSVP to get a complete headcount for our vendors. Savannah's memory is a sieve, and Craig will inevitably fail to relay anything retained in his memory to Savannah at a time when she won't forget to do something with it later. So, if you want a seat and a plate, you'll formally RSVP. You can refresh this page to get the RSVP pop-up to fill out the RSVP form right from this website.
» What will the weather be like? Is the wedding indoors or outdoors?
During the day, temperatures may hit the 80s, but will typically drop to mid/low 60s in the evening. We are prepared to be completely indoors in case of rain, but there are outdoor spaces for the reception that will be used if we have good weather.
» What should I wear?
Formal wear is suggested. For men, suit and tie is preferred. For women, we recommend formal dress. If it helps, our bridesmaids will be in floor-length gowns and our groomsmen in fitted suits. Any color, including black, (but white is reserved for the bride, of course!) is a perfectly acceptable option. We just want to give everyone a night to enjoy getting all dressed up, but the most important part of that day is going to be seeing all of our friends and family so please don't let this become a sticking point. If you're still unsure or want to double-check, just send us a quick message; you can find our contact information at the bottom of the FAQ.
» Are the various locations of the weekend accessible?
The venues and hotel are all wheelchair accessible. The hotel block offers mobility accessible rooms, but does not provide roll-in showers or hearing accessible functionality. Be advised that the reception venue has a gravel parking lot.
» Are you changing your name(s)?
Yes! After the wedding, we will officially be Mr. Craig and Dr. Savannah Campbell (after a few grueling months of paperwork, of course). Savannah will be Dr. Savannah Lee Cookson for professional purposes, and will retain her maiden name as a second last name for legal purposes.
» What is your wedding hashtag?
Our hashtag is #cookingwithcampbells! Please add this hashashtag to any social media posts you may make throughout the wedding so we can find and check them out later.

Lodging and Things to Do:
» Is there a hotel block? How do I get in?
We have a block at the Residence Inn at Windward. See the Travel section for instructions on reserving a room. Rooms must be reserved by September 18th to ensure availability.
» How far is the block hotel from the wedding?
The block hotel is 5-10 minutes driving from the ceremony and 20-25 minutes driving from the reception.
» How can I pass the time in Alpharetta/Roswell?
The Residence Inn at Windward is located within walking distance of many great restaurants, and is within driving distance of Downtown Alpharetta, The Avalon shopping district, and Downtown Roswell. Notable sites and experiences include: the Alpharetta Saturday Farmer's Market; Thursdays Alive after 5 in Roswell; Regal Cinemas at the Avalon; Top Golf Alpharetta; The Greenway in Alpharetta/Roswell; and Savannah's favorite, Taco Mac Windward.

Parking and Transportation:
» What if any transportation be provided? Do I need to RSVP to use it?
A motorcoach will provide transportation on the day of the wedding. The coach will leave the hotel at 4:30pm and head to the ceremony location; from the ceremony to the reception venue immediately following the ceremony; and finally from the reception venue back to the hotel at 9:15pm, 10:10pm, and finally 11:05pm. You can indicate whether you plan to use this service on the RSVP page to help us get an approximate headcount; however, the service will be available to anyone who needs it.
» What is the parking situation?
The hotel and wedding venue locations all provide ample free parking.
» I don't want to drive or take the motorcoach. What else is there?
The local rail system, MARTA, provides transportation from the airport to south Roswell. From there, we recommend using ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft as an affordable transportation alternative, especially if you plan to drink during the reception. You can also use standard taxi service; ask the concierge in your hotel for details.

Ceremony Logistics:
» Where is the ceremony and what time should I arrive?
The ceremony is at Alpharetta Presbyterian Church. Please arrive by 4:45pm to ensure that everyone has time to be seated.
» How will I know where to sit?
Our groomsmen will serve as ushers prior to the start of the ceremony to guide you to your seats. We will have an area of the sanctuary sectioned off that you can look for to get the best view of the proceedings.
» How long will the ceremony last?
The ceremony will last approximately 20 minutes. Programs will be passed out at the entrance to the sanctuary. Your program gives you the order of the ceremony and provides you with your map of the reception venue, so be sure to keep it with you for later!
» Will there be childcare during the ceremony?
We will be providing on-site childcare during the ceremony for all children under 8 and any others who do not wish to sit through the ceremony.
» Can I take pictures during the ceremony?
Per our venue contract, no pictures may be taken in the venue space except for our contracted photographer. Therefore, we kindly request that cameras, cell phones, and tablets be turned off and stored for the ceremony.

Reception Logistics:
» Where is the reception and when does it start?
The reception is at Roswell Founders Hall and will begin with the cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony.
» Where can I find [fun thing to do] at the reception?
The back of your programs from the ceremony will have a fully labeled map with all of the exciting things to do at the reception, including games, the guestbook, and more. Be sure to keep it for reference!
» Where should I sit for dinner?
We will have table assignments posted at the entrances to the dining room.
» Where can I leave my belongings?
You can leave small items at your table once the dining room is opened. In the case that the weather is particularly cool, we will also have a coat closet available for larger items.

Food and Beverage:
» Will there be drinks? Will there be food?
Absolutely! We will have a full bar, as well as a signature cocktail. We will also have a selection of nonalcoholic offerings. Dinner will be buffet-style.
» When will food be served?
After the dining room is opened and people have been seated, we will release each table to the buffet stations one by one starting with the bride and groom's table; listen to the DJ for your table's number.
» Will there be food options for my dietary restriction?
Our buffet will include both entrée and side options for lacto-ovo vegetarians. Please contact us (see the last question in this FAQ section) if you have additional restrictions.
» I have a food allergy. What do I do?
Please let us know about your allergy as soon as possible so we can accommodate it to the best of our ability. See our contact information in the last question in this FAQ section.
» I am bringing a little one. What should I do?
Please contact us (See our contact information in the last question in this FAQ section) directly to let us know if you will need a child's plate for your party. Child's plates will only be served to guests 12 and under.

» Do I need to bring anything?
The reception venue requires ID for anyone drinking alcoholic beverages. Besides that, we recommend traveling light for the celebration - table space for purses, bags, and electronics cases is limited.
» Where can I smoke during the various wedding events?
There is a porch in the back right area of the dining room for smoking.
» What should I do with my pet llama?
Llamas, and other domesticated species, should be left in the comfort of their own home.

Wait! I still have questions!

Questions before Thursday, October 19th can be directed to us at savannahandcraig@gmail.com or (404) 372-5380, or to Melody Cookson at melody.l.cookson@gmail.com or (678) 234-5801. Questions on or after Thursday, October 19th, should be directed by phone to Melody Cookson at (678) 234-5801.


Special rates from $89-$129 / room
To Reserve:
Please use this special link to reserve your room(s).
Local Airport:
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Travel time from the airport to the hotel is roughly 45-60 minutes (depending on traffic) so please plan accordingly. The area is very Uber-friendly (one-way fare estimate is $40) if you choose to forego a rental car.
Coach Service:
Coach transportation between the hotel, the ceremony, and the reception venues on the day of the wedding will be provided.

Coach will leave from hotel lobby promptly at 4:30pm to head to the ceremony. It will be waiting outside of the church for transportation to the reception immediately following the ceremony. Finally, it will provide transportation from the reception back to the hotel at 9:15pm, 10:10pm, and 11:05pm.
If you choose to drive, ample parking will be available at the hotel and both wedding venues. That being said, we encourage all guests to take advantage of the provided coach transportation, especially if you plan to consume alcohol.

Our Story

Savannah's Side

» The Early Years

Craig and I met in the seventh grade, when we were placed in the same orchestra class. It was hate at first sight. Over the next five years, our relationship grew from loathing to near-tolerance. I would come to learn many years later that this change was, in fact, sparked by a change of heart - Craig had harbored a crush on me for 3 years prior to the start of our relationship.

» Getting Together

The summer before Craig and I became "official", it was particularly hot and boring. As such, I spent a significant portion of my time on AIM. Conveniently, Craig also spent a large portion of his time on AIM. When the boredom was particularly strong, I would invite Craig to get ice cream; Craig almost always said yes. Around this time, Craig was going on a cruise, and had decided that he wanted to get in shape. I very quickly noticed the results of these efforts at the Orchestra Kick-Off Pool Party, and promptly pestered Craig until he agreed to go on a date.

» The Engagement

For me, the engagement was a complete surprise. Craig had made reservations for a nice dinner (This should have been hint #1 - Craig never makes reservations). In the car, he realized he had "forgotten his wallet", and took almost 10 minutes "looking for it" (hint #2). Finally, we arrived at Eugene's, where we had the fanciest dinner with the wine pairings ("Let's just go for broke!" - hint #3). When we got home, Craig proceeded to show me all of the things he had collected from our relationship (hint #4). I became so emotional (wine pairings) that I ran into my bedroom to get some things I had saved ("Wait wait wait!" - hint #5) - and was greeted with a display of rose petals and candles decorating the room, which Craig had placed while "finding his wallet". As I processed this, Craig came in from behind and dropped to one knee in front of me with the most beautiful ring in a TARDIS box. Of course, I said "yes"!

» On "Us"

My relationship with Craig came as a surprise to our friends - in fact, there were bets on how long we would last. Craig and I both have strong personalities and often clash, which, in high school, presented as antagonistic; however, as we have matured, I have found that this has given us both a voice so that our relationship has balance. After almost a decade, Craig has become an irreplaceable part of my life; he has been my number one supporter over the years, and we have both been through a lot together. Despite almost 5 years of long-distance, I feel like our relationship has only grown stronger over the years, and I am so excited to continue our journey.

Craig's Side

» The Early Years

Savannah and I first met in middle school. I distinctly remember noticing an extremely loud and small girl in orchestra, and immediately hated her. I referred to her as a “Tasmanian devil” to my family back then, at which point my Father made a prediction he has never let me live down - “You will marry that girl!”. I laughed. I’m not laughing anymore. I believe this was around 2004-2005. By 2006, we had moved passed the hatred into full-blown toleration of each other’s existence. What she didn’t know was that I did indeed start to feel quite a bit of affection for her during this period.

» Getting Together

Savannah and I really had begun to form a deep friendship from 2006-2007. We had officially moved passed the hatred phase. We talked over the internet seemingly every day while I would waste my evenings playing World of Warcraft, and during the day we began to meet up more and more for ice cream and coffee (but they were strictly not dates at this point!). Savannah used to stop by Circuit City (where I worked at the time) and bring me coffee. I burned her some CDs of her favorite music (let’s not call it a mixtape). The tipping point finally came one evening when Savannah swung by my house to drop off some files for my mother (our families were both active in the Orchestra Booster Club). I invited her to stay and watch a movie with me, and managed to steal the kiss that sealed the deal for her right then and there. Let it be known, I made the first move. Savannah likes to say otherwise. Don’t believe her! We proceeded to go on a few dates until we finally decided to make the relationship official a month later and give it a real go (against the wishes of all our friends, who thought we were both insane for dating the polar-opposite of each other).

» The Engagement

Engagements are hard. I am now well aware of this fact. Finding the perfect ring for Savannah took me about 7 months from start to finish. Deciding how to pop the question was even harder! I decided to keep it very personal and private, while still ensuring that it was a special evening and event for the both of us. Long story short, I popped the question in the privacy of Savannah’s apartment, surrounded by flowers and candles I had secretly set up. Savannah loved it, and said yes (she was an absolute mess of tears and smiles at this point).

» On "Us"

Savannah and I will have been together for ten years by the time of our wedding and known each other for over fifteen years. We’ve had plenty of ups-and-downs through the years, yet our relationship kept growing stronger and more meaningful through it all. And now, here we are engaged, and I honestly could not be happier. I get to marry my best friend and love of my life. And the best part is that we have an entire lifetime of adventures ahead of us.

Wedding Party

» Alexandra Burkle
Maid of Honor

Alexandra Burkle
Maid of Honor

Alexandra, a.k.a. Alex, graduated from Indiana University in Non-Profit Business and is currently an account executive at TMT Target Marketeam INC. Alex and Savannah met as sophomores in high school through the Atlanta Junior Rowing Association, where Alex says they "had tons of fun on the team eating all of the delicious food that Mrs. Cookson made for the team!" Alex and Craig met through rowing as well, when Craig came to see one of their races. Alex went on to row at the Division 1 level at IU and, despite the distance, remained one of Savannah's closest friends throughout the years. After graduating, she moved back to Atlanta, and she and Savannah have been nigh inseparable since. One of her favorite memories with Savannah is bumbling (stumbling?) around Gatlinburg, Tennessee, after doing the wine and whiskey tastings along the shopping strip. Alex is "so honored to be included in the wedding of my best friend Savannah and her soulmate Craig"; from both Craig and Savannah, the feeling is mutual!

» Karissa Campbell

Karissa Campbell

Karissa graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Microbiology. She lives in Chicago, Illinois, where she is attending nursing school at Loyola University. Karissa has known Craig since she was born, as she is his younger sister. He was thrilled at her arrival into the world, but within a week, he was asking their parents if they could take her back yet, because he was done with her. These words still ring true today; as Karissa puts it, "I am the DeeDee to his Dexter". Savannah is thrilled to be gaining a sister, and both Savannah and Craig are honored to have Karissa standing with them on their wedding day.

» Ali Wallick

Ali Wallick

Ali is a video game programmer and graduated from Georgia Tech in Computational Media. Savannah and Ali originally met when their boyfriends (at the time) were roommates in college. They quickly connected over a love for nerdy hobbies and creative outlets from baking to sewing. Ali has so many great memories with Savannah it's hard to pick just one - dressing up together at Dragon Con, spontaneous Disney trips, and decking out the dorms for Christmas (Savannah says, "Getting that tree home was a rather harrowing experience, but the room smelled great that year!"). Even though they live across the country (for now), they still keep in touch, chatting almost every day. Ali is so excited that both she and her fiancé, Robert, get to be a part of Savannah and Craig's wedding. Ali says, "It's been wonderful watching both of our relationships grow since we met in 2009, and I can't wait to see them take the next step together!"

» Rebecca Erdman

Rebecca Erdman

Rebecca grew up in northern Georgia and attended Georgia Tech for Materials Science and Engineering. She currently works for ExxonMobil as a Metallurgist at their Baton Rouge Refinery and Chemical Plant. Savannah and Rebecca met at Georgia Tech through the engineering sorority, Alpha Omega Epsilon, or AΩE, where Rebecca became Savannah's Big Sister to no one's surprise. Savannah's favorite memory with Rebecca comes from their first sorority retreat together on Hilton Head Island, where they made the world's coolest sandcastle (complete with a dragon lording over it). Rebecca even met Craig through AΩE, when he joined Savannah for the annual semiformal dance. While their sorority days are long gone and they are far apart, Savannah and Rebecca still love to talk about life, the universe, and everything whenever they get the chance. Rebecca says, "She was always there for me if life was tough and an amazing friend. And remember, Savannah, just because we grow older, doesn't mean we have to grow up!"

» Rachel Little

Rachel Little

Rachel attended Georgia Tech where she studied Biomedical Engineering. She met Savannah for the first time in the green room of Dramatech (Huzzah!), where Savannah told her she should go interview to be a part of her sorority, AΩE. Rachel, a stereotypical freshman who wanted to do All of the Things™, said, "why not?" Story short, Savannah became Rachel's Big and, as Rachel says, "a very influential person in her life... a great role model and an amazing friend". Savannah and Rachel bonded over Doctor Who, Disney, costuming, and the joys(?) of working research lab. Every time Rachel has met Craig, she says, he was all smiles with Savannah. "Savannah and Craig easily light up a room together, and that is because of their love, happiness, and connection with each other. Their story could easily be made into a loving Pixar short that has us all in tears from how beautiful they are together." Savannah loves her Little Little, and having someone who shares her interest in Korean language, food, and culture. 라헬 씨는 여동생이 최고야!

» Ariel Kasten

Ariel Kasten

Ariel Kristen Kasten is an administrative assistant. Her hobbies include acting, music, baking, art, and general geekery, all of which she shares with Savannah. Ariel and Savannah met when they were both cast in a (rather unfortunate, says Savannah) musical review at Act1 Theater. While the play itself had its difficulties (quoth Savannah, "Where was the plot!?"), Ariel and Savannah found they had much in common, and became close friends. Since then, they have appeared in a number of shows together, including Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat and, most recently, Once Upon a Mattress, a farcical retelling of The Princess and the Pea. Savannah's favorite memories with Ariel (aside from the ever-hilarious banana epic) are their many adventures in karaoke. Ariel says, "Savannah, you are a truly amazing person. So smart and funny and caring and talented. Craig, I don't know you as well, but I know you have to be all those things as well to keep up with Savannah...You two are gonna rule the world! It's about gosh darn time :)"

» Reagan Elm
Best Man

Reagan Elm
Best Man

Reagan is just tickled to be Craig's best man! He met both Craig and Savannah on their first day at Georgia Tech. He remembers that "Craig was the first one at the top of the stars with a big smile and happy to help." He may never be convinced Craig can ever assemble a futon, but he knows Craig has always been a wiz with computers: Craig taught him everything he knows and convinced him to switch from the BioMed field to Computer Science. Reagan is now software engineer at athenahealth up in Boston, where Craig refuses to go outside when he visits due to the "cold." Reagan is extremely honored to be Craig's best man and can't wait to help Craig and Savannah make their day extra-special. Savannah and Craig are just grateful that Reagan got his bio in before the wedding!

» Bobby Cookson

Bobby Cookson

Bobby is a helluva(n) engineer who is running away to the circus. He is graduating from Georgia Tech in Summer of 2016 and hopes to attend the École Nationale de Cirque in Montreal in the Fall. Savannah and Bobby have been through thick and thin as sister and brother. Whether it’s Disney movies, Doctor Who, Taekwondo, or N64 video games, they’ve had tons of amazing memories. Bobby met Craig when he and Savannah began dating in high school, where Savannah was the token overachiever and Craig was the computer nerd. While not much has changed in that area, Bobby has watched their relationship grow as they went through high school, college, infinity, and beyond. As Savannah takes this step toward a new journey, Bobby is excited to see how it will shape memories to be made in the future, and Savannah is glad to have Bobby supporting her and Craig at such a defining point in their lives. Bobby says, "Congratulations, and - to Craig - welcome to the functionally dysfunctional family that is the Cooksons!"

» Scott Reed

Scott Reed

Scott is a long-time friend from high school, where he and Savannah enjoyed studying while Craig played on his computer. He suspects that little has changed in this regard. At least this is what Scott predicts, as this bio was written two years before the wedding. (Scott: "Speaking of which, have the Cubs won the World Series? Who’s the president? Am I still single? How is Star Wars: Episode VIII?") Scott played violin ("Poorly") in the orchestra with Craig and Savannah. Savannah was first chair ("That try-hard"). At least Scott was ahead of Craig. Scott was "super-happy" when Craig and Savannah finally became engaged. He had been pulling for them for a long time and knows that they are both brilliant, committed people who are gonna tear it up out there. "Congrats guys!"

» Nicky Lombardi

Nicky Lombardi

Nicky first met Craig when he first encountered this "weird dude at the top of the stairs welcoming people as they moved in to Fitten Hall at Georgia Tech". As Nicky got to know him he only got weirder, but at the same time he became one of his closest friends. Nicky graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Nowadays Craig is off saving the world at Facebook and Nicky is saving babies making Graco car seats, but any time they get together, they pick up right where they left off as if they are still living together. Craig was honored to stand next to Nicky at his wedding in 2015, and is thrilled to have Nicky join him at his own.

» Rob Spessard

Rob Spessard

Rob met Craig, Reagan, and Nicky in college when he was randomly paired up with them as roommates. As of the wedding, they will be coming up on 8 years of friendship, "which is kind of crazy to think about," says Rob. Being the oldest, Rob was kind of like the den mother. He was the most mature and responsible one in the room, so they all kind of looked up to me for guidance. He raised them, basically (Savannah and the girls are raising their eyebrows). Taught them how to be men. Craig and the others may recognize this paragraph. Rob considers this a form of payback for trying to make him do this twice (you should ask him the story during the reception!). Rob says, "Craig and Savannah have been invaluable friends. Ali and I can't thank you enough for the years good times, fun, and support. We are so excited for their future together and the continued years of all of our fantastic friendships."

» Stephen Long

Stephen Long

Stephen graduated from Georgia Tech with a major in Computer Science, He currently works a Software Engineer at SugarCRM in Silicon Valley. He and Craig got to know each other through mutual friends from Tech and became roommates in 2013. Since then, they have spent three years living, gambling ("I still can't believe you thought Walter Mitty would be a good movie!"), and drinking together. Craig has enjoyed having Stephen as a roommate, and Savannah loves to hang out when she visits California. Stephen considers Craig as a friend and brother, and is very honored to see Craig and Savannah take the next step in their lives together.

Bodhi Verhaeghen
Ring Bearer

Savannah met Bodhi in her first year of graduate school when she randomly emailed his parents, Paul and Shelley, to see if they needed a babysitter for their adorable 4-year-old boy so she could supplement her meager stipend. They jumped at the opportunity.
Since then, Savannah has seen Bodhi almost every week for the past 3 years, and Paul and Shelley have treated her like a part of the family. Savannah always says that she looks forward to their "Bodhisits" on Wednesdays because she has so much fun hanging out with Bodhi, building legos, watching the latest cartoons, and playing Minecraft and Terraria. She has loved watching Bodhi start school, learn to read, and grow into a super-cool little man. Bodhi got to meet Craig for the first time when Craig and Savannah asked him to be their ring-bearer; he seemed a bit shy at first, but was very excited to be asked - and the giant giraffe, "Biggie Bigs" (the Giraffe Formerly Known as Biggie is now known as "Biggie Smalls"), was certainly a plus. Bodhi's favorite joke to tell is, "What's brown and sticky? ... A stick!"

» Bodhi Verhaeghen
Ring Bearer

Savannah met Bodhi in her first year of graduate school when she randomly emailed his parents, Paul and Shelley, to see if they needed a babysitter for their adorable 4-year-old boy so she could supplement her meager stipend. They jumped at the opportunity.
Since then, Savannah has seen Bodhi almost every week for the past 3 years, and Paul and Shelley have treated her like a part of the family. Savannah always says that she looks forward to their "Bodhisits" on Wednesdays because she has so much fun hanging out with Bodhi, building legos, watching the latest cartoons, and playing Minecraft and Terraria. She has loved watching Bodhi start school, learn to read, and grow into a super-cool little man. Bodhi got to meet Craig for the first time when Craig and Savannah asked him to be their ring-bearer; he seemed a bit shy at first, but was very excited to be asked - and the giant giraffe, "Biggie Bigs" (the Giraffe Formerly Known as Biggie is now known as "Biggie Smalls"), was certainly a plus. Bodhi's favorite joke to tell is, "What's brown and sticky? ... A stick!"